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Easy ways to pay in your fundraising money

Posted on October 23, 2015

Thank you so much for taking part in wear it pink and raising money to fund our life-saving breast cancer research!

Pay In

There are a number of ways that you can pay in your donation to us at Breast Cancer Now, please choose one of the following:

Bank – If you registered and received a fundraising pack, just take the money to any high street bank with your paying in slip. If you don’t have a paying slip, just call our pink hotline and we’ll get one sent out to you – 0800 107 3104. Please make sure you pay the money in using the slip to a cashier and not at the automated machine.  Ask the cashier to enter your reference number so that we know it is from you and can send you a thank you!

Online – You can pay by credit or debit card quickly and securely online here.

Phone – Just call the pink hotline to pay by credit or debit card on 0800 107 3104.

Cheque – You can write us a cheque made payable to Breast Cancer Now and send it to: ‘Freepost, wear it pink’ (no other address line needed). Please include your paying in slip or a note with your details and mention that you wore it pink!

However you choose to pay in your donation, don’t forget to post us your Gift Aid form to: ‘Freepost, wear it pink’ (no other address line needed).


Pay in your fundraising

You can pay your fabulous fundraising in in a number of ways – online, by cheque, and straight to the bank.

Pay in now